"Harvest Lake" Interview: Brian K. Williams

Brian K. Williams, Headless Movie
Brian as "Slick Vic" in "Headless".

(Brian K. Williams is best known for the festival award winning contemporary grindhouse favorite "Time To Kill" and it's equally lauded short "Play Me", both starring Ellie Church. He recently performed producer, cinematography and editing duties on "Harvest Lake". The initial Special Editon Blu-Ray of "Harvest Lake" has already sold out.)

Harvest Lake, Ellie Church, Tristan Risk, Movie Poster
Hello, Brian. It's great to have you with us today to talk about your latest project: Harvest Lake. How would you describe the movie?

"Possession", meets "Society", meets "Picnic at Hanging Rock", meets an Abercrombie and Fitch clothing commercial. It's different, it's not like anything I've seen before, which excites me. It's erotic, sexy, thought provoking, much different to what people would expect from the people that brought you "Found", "Headless", and "Time To Kill".

Besides shooting and editing the film, what were your duties as producer?

I financed half the film, spent a lot of time casting, location scouting, wardrobe, basically Scott (Schirmer) and I both worked together very closely all of the way through the entire movie, from deciding on a concept, to final delivery, and now marketing. We would meet up daily, for hours, during pre production, and post, discussing every tiny detail, and deciding together.

The trailer is very dreamy and atmospheric. Is this indicative of what we should expect from the film?

We think so. We struggled thinking of a trailer concept, since it's such a different kind of film, and ultimately Scott edited the trailer, and I did the color for it. We knew we needed to be honest with the trailer, and not attempt to make the film look like anything it's not. We wanted to convey sexuality, sexuality of all kinds, dreamy, beautiful images, beautiful people, otherworldly vegetation, a good portion of the trailer comes from my favorite part of the film, which is a very dreamlike, atmospheric, score heavy, dialogue free section.

Headless, Movie

What is your relationship with Scott Schirmer?

I have known Scott for a couple years, and first got the chance to work with him on the film "Headless". He's a perfectionist, and hard worker, and likes taking about movies as much as I do. He's a great guy to work beside, and a good friend.

Was "Harvest Lake" influenced by other films or stories?

When we were first brainstorming about the film, before the script, we talked about many different influences, and stories. Ultimately the film evolved, several times, even in production, and in post, to become what it is. I think it's influenced by a lot of things.

How did Tristan Risk become involved?

Ellie Church had worked with her in a couple movies very recently. Being married to Ellie, I can luckily get the scoop straight from the horse's mouth so to speak, so I knew of her passion, her fire, and her knowledge and work ethic. I had met and spoken with her briefly on set previously in.2015 on another film she and Ellie were in together that I played a brief cameo in. I also got a huge recommendation from James Bickert, writer/director of the upcoming "Frankenstein Created Bikers". I mentioned her to Scott, and after talking it over, decided to email Tristan's agent with the script and an offer. Tristan loved the script, and accepted the role, and she was a delight to work with, and I can't wait to work with her again.

Harvest Lake, Movie
Something watching at the lake.
How much of a part do special effects play in the film?

Interestingly, we wanted very little effects in this film, and went into it with that goal. Effects are expensive, take valuable time on set, can go wrong, etc, and we were trying to keep our budget low, and time short, and we had very little time before we started shooting. Once I read the script, I told Scott, "man, there's a lot of FX in this thing", so there ended up being much more than originally thought. The effects are great, and feel natural, and photographed beautifully. Everyone on the FX team really busted their asses, on some very long days, with me freaking out around them. They are so good at what they do, and handled the pressure with ease.

What is it like working with your wife, Ellie Church, on this and other projects?

It's like any other actress really. I have such concentration and passion on set, that she's not my wife when we're there. She's an actress, and a damn good one too. I'm lucky to have that much talent around me so often. She elevates me.

Ellie Church, Harvest Lake
Ellie Church feels like she's being watched in 'Harvest Lake".
How can people see "Harvest Lake"?

Everyone that pre ordered will be getting their double disc limited collector's edition set at the end of January, into the first of February, depending on the shipping time. The special bonus dvd's are here, and the blu rays are being replicated right now. After that, It will be at film festivals, conventions, and a few theatrical screenings beginning in March, and sometime in mid March, the limited edition single disk blu rays will be available for purchase at www.mostlyharmlesspictures.com , www.forbiddenfilms.net , as well as other locations to follow.

What do you have planned next?

Already in pre production for the next one, cameras roll mid February on something Scott and I are co-producing again, that will be announced soon! I also will be going to Croatia this March for 15 weeks working beside Albert Pyun, editing his upcoming space opera "Star Warfare Rangers and the Cyborg Witch of Endor". I have recently gone full time with filmmaking, so expect to see a lot more from me. I'm "for hire", and available as a DP with my own dual black magic camera set up, or as an editor, colorist, director, producer, whatever is needed! And sometime this year, I hope to be able to start production on a sketch based sex comedy I wrote, in the vein of "Kentucky Fried Movie", called "Space Babes From Outer Space".

Where can people go to keep up with your projects?

I'm pretty regular on Facebook, and Twitter and keep up on "Harvest Lake" updates at the Harvest Lake Facebook page.


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